“SOBAUCHI LONDON” is the first hand-made-buckwheat-noodles classroom in Britain.  Open to London, Britain, in the winter of 2014.

Since the classroom which makes “SOBA” is equipped fully with all the tools that make “SOBA”, if you can have only an apron, you can take a lecture as it is.  By all participants, it boils by an iron pot and please eat on that spot, after making “SOBA”.

You bring the surplus buckwheat noodles home — a family and a friend — pleasing . You can enjoy the real hand-made “SOBA” which can rarely be eaten overseas.


koshiba-001【A Lecturer’s Profile 】

Manami Koshiba

Manami studies in Japan the practice which makes “SOBA”, and the teaching method which makes “SOBA” under a “SOBAUCHI” craftsman.

And open “SOBAUCHI LONDON” to British London in the winter of 2014.

In order to spread to the world the “SOBA” which is Japanese traditional culture, it is under hard struggle every day.